Tatouage - Tattoo - Le Diable au Corps - Boulogne Billancourt



My name is Clara, alias noxartis, I am an apprentice tattoo artist under the supervision of Virginie Diable. 

My career path is made of forks and crossroads: after a degree in Law, I joined an art school with the aim of moving towards graphic illustration, and tattooing.


I am interested in mixing styles and techniques. I have a universe that is sometimes cute, often a little dark and always poetic.

In my spare time I'm a little glittery unicorn and a fan of puns.


Presence :

thuesday-saturday :

10 am - 6 pm*

*thursday : 10 am - 7 pm

Email :  noxartis.ink@gmail.com

Instagram : @noxartis_ink

Facebook : noxartis

Price per piece